Costa Rica

The Bird Doctor Canvasing Southern Costa Rica Sean explores the custodianship humans have over nature by visiting a tree house community, releasing baby sea turtles, and discovering the origins behind the Boruca Mask. These along with a special experience involving two veterinarians and an injured bird come together

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The Writer Canvasing Paris, France Sean meets with three artists who masterminded a bank heist. Not to steal money, but steal an entire building. Sean also explores and finds the subject for his painting “The Writer” at the Shakespeare and Company bookstore. Click to buy prints of “ The


Blue Mountains

The Stolen Generations Canvasing The Blue Mountains, Australia Sean lives in a treehouse, meets Lionel who built a literal “man cave”, and finds a body painter that makes her subjects disappear into nature. Sean also interviews an Aboriginal Elder who was taken from his native family to be

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The One’s Who Wait Canvasing Utah, USA Sean explores the visions and faith that shaped Utah including Mormon culture, a naked desert parade,and does a clifftop smudge ceremony with UTE Leader Larry Cesspooch inspiring Sean’s painting “The One's Who Wait”. Click here to buy "The Ones Who Wait"



Rice Field Workers Canvasing Bali, Indonesia Sean explores the beaches and temples of Bali, dives through the ruins of the USS Liberty, and documents a water healing ceremony with a Balinese High Priestess. Along the way he finds painting inspiration from the traditions of the Balinese people and


Buenos Aires

Tango Canvasing Buenos Aires, Argentina Sean stays in a countryside castle and explores the traditions of Argentina’s famous gauchos. He learns that Tango is much harder than it looks and finds inspiration in the Argentines’ passion for dance that lead to his painting “Tango”. Click here to buy

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Sherlock Canvasing Sydney, Australia Sean explores Manly Beach and trades artwork for a custom surfboard from master shaper Sojo. Sean also finds inspiration from Sherlock and Jules, a homeless couple that give up traditional life to live in a cave in the heart of Sydney prompting his painting



Candyman Canvasing Heidelberg, Germany Sean meets Fletcher, a singing philosopher who reveals some of Heidelberg’s best kept secrets. Together they explore the ghosts of the student prison and the inspirational story behind Sean’s painting “The Candyman”. Click here to buy "The Candyman" Canvasing Heidelberg,



The Flower Woman   Canvasing Ubud, Indonesia Sean has a touching encounter with three brothers who all have glass bone syndrome, explores the Sacred Monkey Forest, and documents the epic battle of the Ogoh-Ogohs. Sean also finds inspiration in an unlikely place for his painting “The Flower Woman.”



The Horse Whisperer Canvasing Southern Patagonia Sean explores Torres Del Paine National Park from his basecamp lakefront yurt and braves Southern Patagonia’s extreme climate on his quest to find the ultimate horse whisperer. Click here to buy "The Horse Whisperer" Canvasing Southern Patagonia


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