Santa Fe

The Medicine Man Canvasing Santa Fe, New Mexico Sean explores New Mexico’s artistic heritage and traces his own family roots in New Mexico leading to a Native American connection and his painting “The Medicine Man.” Click here to buy "The Medicine Man" Canvasing Santa

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Santa Barbara

The Keepers Canvasing Santa Barbara, California Sean celebrates restaurateur Tom Dolan’s winning formula that pleases patrons and staff alike. Also, Sean explores the harbor, mountain-top picnics, an author’s secret thoughts, and an enthusiastic robotic engineer’s passion for beekeeping resulting in Sean’s painting “The Keepers”.   Click here to

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Big Sur

Red Cliffs on Highway 1 Canvasing Big Sur, California Big Sur is often described as one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world. Sean sets out to capture its beauty and meets other artists who have heard the clarion call to celebrate Red Sea Cliffs on Highway

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