Part Travelogue, Part Documentary.

A human interest television series told from the perspective of a painter disguised as a travel show. Canvasing the World invites audiences to witness the genesis of inspiration – the birth of concept and ideas in the life and travels of a leading professional painter. Hosted by renowned artist, Sean Diediker, the show takes viewers on a journey around the world to explore the process of artistic creation and reveal the people and places that spark the imagination of artists and ultimately lead to the creation of art today.

Stage One

Traveling to fascinating destinations, and truly immersing ourselves into local culture is the first step in a Canvasing The World exploration.

Stage Two

Adapting to opportunity on location, Sean Diediker, with Bruce Royer, a veteran filmmaker/producer, and their Canvasing The World team are quick to pursue the most inspiring leads.

Stage Three

For every episode, Diediker develops an original painting influenced by the people and places in his travels.

Stage Four

We craft our collected stories, characters, and art into a compelling human interest story where an original painting is unveiled at the end of each episode. Every Episode a place, every episode a painting.