Canvasing Heidelberg, Germany

Sean meets Fletcher, a singing philosopher who reveals some of Heidelberg’s best kept secrets. Together they explore the ghosts of the student prison and the inspirational story behind Sean’s painting “The Candyman”.

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Canvasing Heidelberg, Germany

All year round, friendly Heidelberg experts are waiting at the Main Train Station and in the Old Town to provide you with any information you may need. Ask for tips on what excursions to make and what events shouldn’t be missed in this picturesque city for the days you visit.

In the Old Town, dreamy squares are linked like beads on a necklace, with people of all ages and from around the world meeting in the many small cafes and pubs. A unique cultural offer beckons with museums and theaters as well.

Hotel Hirschgasse
The Hirschgasse– oldest hotel in Heidelberg has been welcoming guests since 1472 thanks to exceptional hospitality. Look forward to an authentically historic experience paired with five star cuisine. It’s quiet location is convenient to the Alte Brücke bridge.

Book recommendation to read while you travel in Heidelberg: A Tramp Abroad, by Mark Twain

Information about the Jesuitenkirche, where the sculpture “Tower of Death” is installed.

The big wine barrel, Heidelberg Tun, is at Schloss Heidelberg.

The Studentenkarzer (students’ prison) is located at the back of the Old University in Augustinergasse.
From 1778 until 1914, students were imprisoned here for minor offenses.

Ride the Funicular Railway, more info here

Philosopher’s Walk
“Schlangenweg” (Winding Path)
This walkway starts just above the Old Bridge opposite the Old Town and cuts steeply through terraced vineyards until it reaches the woods, where it crosses the Philosophenweg. It is partly enclosed by bushes and trees, as well as some lovely vineyards, but there are several viewing platforms for terrific views of the city.

For late nights, our crew loved hanging out at Vivo Bar, Steingasse 5, Heidelberg