Canvasing Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sean stays in a countryside castle and explores the traditions of Argentina’s famous gauchos.
He learns that Tango is much harder than it looks and finds inspiration in the Argentines’
passion for dance that lead to his painting “Tango”.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Fortuna

Upon entering the French style palace, guests are greeted by an incredible marble staircase that invites them to explore the three floors which house the large bedrooms that sleep up to 16 people. La Fortuna offers a wide range of activities for guests of all ages and interests, and the House Concierge is there to coordinate every last detail. Without a doubt one of the most outstanding aspects of La Fortuna is the friendly and experienced staff of 8 led by the House Concierge, a Chef, Housekeeping staff, gardener, laundress, and their very own gaucho Don Chazarreta who takes care of the horses and drives the antique carriages that are on the property.

Almagro, an area in Buenos Aires which borders no less than eight other neighborhoods, is often overlooked by tourists. It therefore remains an unspoiled, authentic and appealing slice of middle-class porteño life.

For Carnaval events in Almagro, visit the local facebook page

Almagro has long been bursting with creative types, aristocratic literary and political activists. The historic cafe Las Violetas, first built in 1884, is famed for the creative energy of up and coming novelists.

Bar de Roberto is a little bohemian dive bar featuring live music. This is an Almagro gem that’s guaranteed to make you feel like a local.

Doña Tipo Cocina a great lunch special is to be appreciated and devoured. This cozy corner café has been a favorite to barrio locals for its simple, home cooked flavors and friendly service. When in doubt, go pasta!

For the meat-eaters, Doble AA is a small local barrio for all types of grilled meats.

Recoleta Cemetery, great walk in the city near Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Carina Mele Tango

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Best place to see and take Tango Classes:
El Beso on Riobamba 416.

Our favorite place for live music: Los 36 Billares

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